For a great many users, organizations and companies, Mapbender has become a reliable standard product - not only because of its wide range of functions, but also its reliable maintenance, customization and ongoing development of the software.

Such general adaptations and developments, which is generally known as maintenance, are more important than ever before in today's world. Not only must the software be adapted to updated operating systems or database versions in ever shorter cycles, but it must also meet current security requirements. This accounts for a considerable proportion of the development time.

For comprehensive solutions like Mapbender, this requires constantly growing resources. This currently amounts to several hundred developer days per year. To provide and finance these resources, WhereGroup offers maintenance contracts to all customers using Mapbender. Such maintenance contracts not only guarantee long-term secure operation, but also provide the guarantee that Mapbender will be continually developed in the way you are accustomed to.

The team at WhereGroup will gladly provide you with any information you require about a maintenance contract.


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