Project Steering Committee

Mapbender’s design and development has been in the hands of a competent team of staunch open source enthusiasts for over 15 years now. The development is led by the Mapbender Project Steering Committee (PSC). The committee is made up of experienced software developers and experienced GIS experts who come together to form a powerful team which ensures that Mapbender remains the first choice for open source WebGIS and certified OSGeo projects in the future.

Olaf Knopp

Mapbender Chair

As the Managing director of WhereGroup and Mapbender project manager, he is responsible for both the fundamental conceptual direction of the software and team cohesion.


Astrid Emde

Member of the PSC

As a recognised Mapbender expert, she has been involved in numerous Mapbender implementation projects, and has held a wealth of workshops and trainings on the subject. Moreover, she is active in quality assurance, testing and OSGeoLive.


Thorsten Hack

Member of the PSC

Technical head with a wealth of passion and enjoyment for detail.


Frederik Häfker

Member of the PSC

As a specialist for Mapbender in real world deployment - his core work is its integration into existing systems and workflows covering all aspects of the software.

Joerg Thomsen

Jörg Thomsen

Mitglied des PSC

As a consultant and trainer Jörg has been involved in setting up and configuring numerous applications for many years.