Mapbender is an official Open Source Geospatial Foundation project (OSGeo). This worldwide association, which is supported by volunteers, is committed to the development and use of open source software for processing spatial data.

In order to be accepted as an official OSGeo project, Mapbender successfully passed a quality assurance process. Thus, Mapbender 2006 was the first project certified by OSGeo

The certification examines the open source software licensing, the establishment of a project steering committee, the integration of the project into an open and active community with transparent communication channels, as well as up-to-date and publicly available documentation. There is a regular and close exchange between OSGeo and the project.

The Mapbender project is promoted and financially supported by OSGeo and partly uses the OSGeo infrastructure, for example the mailing lists and OSGeoLive.

As an OSGeo project, Mapbender is part of a dedicated global community and benefits from the exchange with other open source projects.