Mapbender offers a wealth of functions that you can use to create your very own map applications. Lean solutions or comprehensive systems; tailored to different industries and organizations.

The standard Mapbender solution, which is licensed under the MIT license, comes with a whole host of existing functions – and even more are under development for the standard version. Specific features have been individually developed and are available on demand.








Basic functions


Layer tree


Projection systems

Third-party access to and query of specific coordinates


Compliance with GDPR

Map applications

Use of standards compliant map services (WMS and WMTS)

Integration of WFS


Configurable spatial and attributive search criteria

Capture and processing of factual data and geodata

Drawing tools

Measuring tools

Rotatable map applications

Extensive print functionality

Batch plotting /atlas printing

Large format printing & dedicated print server

Connected to numerous routing engines

GPS positioning

Dynamic visualisation of WMS time dimensions

Background map change

KML upload and display

Upload PDFs or images

Vector tiles


An unlimited number of applications for each installation

Customizable front-end designs for desktop and mobile

Complete graphical administration interface

Central administration of map services

Copy, export and import functions of applications

Individual range of functions for each application

User and group administration

Flexible rights management

Publicly available documentation and user manual


Secure authorization to spatial data

Additional individual functions

Individual search masks

Process integration

Compatible with a wealth of geodatabases

Open source license (MIT license)

Connection to LDAP, oAuth, etc.

Routing on own data