This is Mapbender

Mapbender is an open source WebGIS solution

Designed for the creation of web-based map applications, this software offers powerful tools for capturing, viewing, editing and managing geodata.

As a content management system (CMS) for geodata and geoservices, Mapbender boasts an easy-to-use interface which allows you to work with maps and geodata according to the most commonly used workflows. Moreover, ease-of-search capabilities, configurable routing and extensive print functions are just a few of the highlights its range of functions has to offer.

Goal-oriented and comprehensive

Open source

Web-based maps

Data capture and management



Role and rights management

Individual design

Mobile & desktop

Any number of applications with only one installation

With only a single installation, any number of applications can be created and individually designed. The flexible rights management, the administration of data sources and map services, as well as the complete design adaptation of the user interface offer complete freedom of design.

Unlike a desktop GIS solution, Mapbender is a server and browser-based software solution, and greatly facilitates the management and centralized deployment of GIS applications for an unlimited number of users.

Offering interfaces to desktop GIS, map services, databases as well as mobile apps, Mapbender can function as an integral component in any infrastructure.

Mapbender is licensed under the MIT-License, the source code is provided onGitHub