Get involved

As an open source project, Mapbender profits through the participation of its users. By reporting bugs, you can help to improve the documentation or why not participate in financing new features. There are so many ways to support Mapbender.

The Mapbender mailing list is an excellent place to support other users with your own experience. Participate in discussions about new ideas and contribute your Mapbender application as an example for the variety of possibilities.

The constantly growing range of functionalities and the regular Mapbender releases require continuous improvements to user documentation. Check if the content is up-to-date, write new information and manuals or help with translations. The place for this is right here.

If you would like new features or improvements to be made to existing aspects of Mapbender, you can contact WhereGroup and help finance the development. With a maintenance contract you can also support the ongoing development of the software and the assurance of high security standards.


Mailing list

The community uses the Mapbender mailing list to help solve problems and answer questions about installation and start-up.

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Contribute to keeping the user manual up to date and as comprehensive as possible. Contributions can be added as tickets directly through GitHub.

Amend documentation

Reporting bugs

Mapbender bug reports and wishes can be reported using the issue tracker. This can be found on GitHub. Feedback is always very welcome.

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