Mapbender documentation is the central one-stop resource that provides all the information you need to know about all of Mapbenderā€™s features.

It is available in both German and English and is fully searchable. In addition to the classic browser-based interface, there is also the possibility to download the complete documentation as a PDF.

The documentation is updated on an ongoing basis; there is also documentation available for older versions of the software.

The documentation includes information for the installation of the software, a compact quickstart guide to get you started quickly, as well as detailed explanations of individual functions, customizations and the software architecture.

System requirements

Installation on different operating systems

Mapbender is available for widely-used operating systems and workstations.

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First steps with Mapbender

Concise tips for beginners to help you successfully create your own Mapbender application.

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User manual

Extensive documentation and instructions

Detailed information on all of the features, tips & tricks, FAQs and much more.

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