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It is important to go through these steps in exactly this order!


SVN check out

check out the latest version from SVN

svn co

(If only a few changes occured, you might want to work with the last release and apply the changes manually by working through the relevant Trac tickets.)

create a branch

svn copy

file updates

update the release information

  • Readme.txt
  • Install.txt
  • Changes.txt (see Version History)
  • index.php (version number in portal site)

update the SQL files

How to create the SQL dump for the release

delete obsolete files

  • in http/tmp folder
  • in http/log folder


Create the documentation.

SVN tag

svn copy -m "Tagging the 2.7.2 release of the Mapbender"

add a tag in the SVN, for example via Eclipse:

  • open the "Navigator" view
  • right-click on your project → "Team" → "Branch/Tag"
  • change the URL from "trunk/mapbender" to "tags/<release number>"


Read more about proper Deployment.

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